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The Church is sustained on the pillars of love and sacrifice. By making a donation to Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church, you may also become a pillar that strengthens the ministries, programs and charities of our beloved Parish. By clicking on the image above, all supporters of our Community will be able to donate from anywhere and anytime.

Todays Readings

Thursday, November 26, 2015
Fast Day (Fish Allowed)

Epistle Readings
St. Paul's First Letter to Timothy 3:1-13

Gospel Readings
Luke 18:31-34

Current News

Tuesday, November 17
Parish Council Candidates Seminar 6:30 pm
St. Nicholas Shrine Church, Flushing

Wednesday, November 18
GOYA Volleyball 6 - 8 pm

Thursday, November 19
Little Angels 10 am
Thanksgiving Crafts

Friday, November 20
HOPE and JOY Thanksgiving Party 7 pm

Sunday, November 22
9th Sunday of Luke
Orthros 9 am
Liturgy 10 am
Church School Is in Session
Konstantinos Malafis (9 months)
Konstantinos Drakos (1 year)
Coffee Fellowship Sponsored by the Malafis and Drakos Families
Marrow Donor Registry after the service
for a mother who is afflicted with cancer
Wake for Thomas Podias
Towers Funeral Home, Oceanside, 7 pm

Monday, November 23
Wake for Thomas Podias
Towers Funeral Home
Oceanside 2-4 pm, 7-9 pm
Parish Council Meeting 7 pm

Tuesday, November 24
Funeral Thomas Podias 10 am
Κηδεία Θωμά Ποδιά 10 πμ

Wednesday, November 25
Vespers for Saints Nikon, Stylianos 7 pm
Εσπερινός Αγίων Νίκωνος και Στυλιανού 7 μμ

Sunday, November 29
Orthros 9 am
Liturgy 10 am
Memorial: Elpis Bozirikidis (1 year)
Coffee Fellowship Sponsored by the Bozirikidis family

Monday, November 30
Golden Years Christmas Luncheon
Χριστουγεννιάτικο Γεύμα Χρυσά Χρόνια
Imperial Diner 1 pm
(Merrick Road, Freeport)

Tuesday, December 1
PHILOPTOCHOS Christmas Party 6 pm
Χριστουγεννιάτικη Γιορτή Φιλοπτώχου 6 μμ
Coral House, Oceanside






The Ecumenical Patriarch His All Holiness BARTHOLOMEW

The Archbishop His Eminence DEMETRIOS

Parish Pastor: the Reverend Protopresbyter Father NIKIFOROS FAKINOS (Masters of Divinity, Holy Cross School of Theology, Boston, MA)

Contact Information:

Church Address: 2421 Hewlett Avenue, Merrick, N.Y. 11566

Mailing Address: 24 Kenny Avenue, Merrick, N.Y. 11566

Phone number: (516) 379-1368 - Fax: (516) 378-6880


Links: (Direct Archdiocesan District Site) (Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America) (Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople)





Greek School Helen Pavlakis Awards


Trip to St. Basil's Acamedy and Picnic


1) Golden Years Christmas Luncheon

Imperial Diner, Monday, November 30, 1 pm

2) Philoptochos Christmas Party

Tuesday, December 1 at 6 pm

Coral House

The 2015 Calendars and Journals are printed and available at the Church for pick up

Calendars are free for all Stewards of the Parish



His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios

The Icon of St. Nikiforos Was Found in the Midst of the Ashes

after the fire of August 2013 inside the Choir Loft.

No Other Icon Survived the Blaze in the Loft

Church Pic Nic: Sunday, September, 27

Trips to Saint Basil's Academy

Saturday, October 3

Pins for Pauly Bowlathon, Saturday, May 9, 2015




















Many beautiful events will be incorporated in our Church Calendar. You need to be a steward of Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church (with your pledge paid for 2015) to participate in these and many other events and activities. Thanks to your contribution, we are able to organize amazing activities and sustain our beloved Church.



Πολλές δραστηριότητες έχουν διοργανωθεί για το Νέο Έτος. Οι δραστηριότητες αυτές είναι για μέλη/συνδρομητές της Κοινότητος (το κατώτατο της ετήσιας συνδρομής για το 2015 πρέπει να έχει καλυφθεί πριν την συμμετοχή σας). Χάρη στις προσφορές όσων αγαπούν τον Άγιο Δημήτριο, τέτοια προγράμματα αναπτύσσονται και συντηρείται το έργο της Εκκλησίας.


Stewarship makes all the ministries and activities of our Church possible. Without the support of the faithful, the Church cannot sustain its spiritual, educational, philanthropic and social programs. Don't stand on the sidelines: be an active steward of the Church, offering talent, time and treasure for the progress of our beautiful Community!


Many thanks to all the Parishioners and the Organizations that participated in the events for Christmas: The Youth Choir for the exemplary performance of the songs and Carols, under the direction of Theoni Anagnostou, the Golden Years for the Christmas luncheon and Church decoration, with Advisor Irene Matthews, the Greek School for the Kalanta and Christmas Party, under the direction of PTA and School Board, with Matrona Koutsouras and Ivonne Katsigiorgis and, off course, the Parish Council with President Peter Skenderis for assisting with services and volunteering for all preparations and construction of the newly rennovated Church Hall.


1)      The 2015 Anniversary Journal celebrating 54 Years of “Back Home” for Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church in Merrick, New York, is getting ready for printing. We invite all the Church supporters and contributors to send their message as soon as possible. The theme of this year's Journal is "We Will Rebuild."

2)      The Annual Calendar for 2015 is completed since last December and ready for delivery. The Saint Demetrios Calendar is a unique publication that contains all the feasts and religious holidays, the civic and national holidays as well as the fasts and significant Church events of the year. If you would like to receive your copy of the Calendar, please, come to the Church office. There is also a pdf (digital format) of the Calendar in our website:


1) Το Λεύκωμα του 2015 (Επετειακή έκδοση των 54 χρόνων της Κοινότητος) είναι σχεδόν έτοιμο για παρουσίαση. Όσοι πιστοί και υποστηρικτές της ενορίας μας επιθυμούν, μπορούν να στείλουν το μήνυμά τους για την επετειακή και συλλεκτική έκδοση του ετήσιου Λευκώματος στο Γραφείο της Κοινότητος. Το θέμα του φετινού Λευκώματος είναι η επιστροφή στον ανακαινισμένο ναό μας: "Στο σπίτι μας!"

2) Το ετήσιο Ημερολόγιο του 2015 είναι επίσης έτοιμο. Το Ημερολόγιο είναι μια μοναδική έκδοση που περιέχει τις γιορτές όλου του έτους (Ορθόδοξο εορτολόγιο και εθνικές εορτές και αργίες), μήνυμα του ιερέα μας για κάθε μήνα του έτους, τις νηστείες και τις αρτίσιμες ημέρες, καθώς και σημαντικά γεγονότα της Κοινότητος. Μπορείτε να παραλάβετε το ημερολόγιό σας από τον ιερό ναό ή από το γραφείο της Κοινότητος. Ηλεκτρονική του έκδοση υπάρχει και στην παρούσα ιστοσελίδα.

We kicked off the Church year with a parish PICNIC on Sunday, September 9th (Eisenhower Park, Scarlet Oak Field 4). Delicious BBQ food, drinks and games for all ages brought us together with our families for an afternoon of fellowship, fun and sports!
Το ετήσιο ΠΙΚ ΝΙΚ έλαβε χώρα την Κυριακή 9 Σεπτεμβρίου μετά τη Θεία Λειτουργία στο Άϊζενχάουερ Παρκ. Φαγητό στη σκάρα, ποτά, παιχνίδια και μια ατέλειωτη παρέα ενοριτών μας από όλες τις ηλικίες μάς προσέφεραν ένα απολαυστικό απόγευμα.
Church School has started its classes. A Blessing took place on Sunday, September 9th and the Community Breakfast was on Sunday, September 16 after the service.
Το κατηχητικό ξεκίνησε τα μαθήματα με Αγιασμό την Κυριακή 9 Σεπτεμβρίου. Το πρωϊνό για την Κοινότητα έλαβε χώρα την Κυριακή 16 Σεπτεμβρίου μετά την ακολουθία.
The JOY / HOPE costume party took place on Saturday, October 6 . It was an amazing event, with arts and crafts, games, music and great fellowship.
Ο χορός μεταμφιεσμένων της νεολαίας ήταν το Σάββατο 6 Οκτωβρίου και τα παιδιά πέρασαν ένα αξέχαστο απόγευμα.
The Community DINNER DANCE took place on Sunday, October 21st. The Dance was at Chateau La Mere (on the water) with dazzling sunset views of the Bay and delicious food. The band got us of the table for an unforgettable night of entertainment. That evening we invited all our Parishioners to be part of this year’s 51st Anniversary since the inception of the Community.
Η ετήσια χοροεσπερίδα ήταν την Κυριακή 21 Οκτωβρίου στο Σατώ Λα Μερ. Με θέα το ηλιοβασίλεμα απολαύσαμε γευστικό φαγητό και χορέψαμε για να γιορτάσουμε την 51η επέτειο από την ίδρυση της Κοινότητος.
Basketball (boys), Volleyball (Girls and Boys), Soccer (Girls and Boys) and GOYA/JOY sports are a great way to bring together our Youth and teach them team spirit, cooperation and athletic strategy. Our Parish has an advantage to offer all sports activities free of charge for all Youth members (they need to only purchase their jerseys). The athletes learn the fundamentals of Basketball and Volleyball and compete in various Archdiocesan and Long Island tournaments. The Memorial day Olympics invite hundreds of Greek Orthodox young girls and boys to compete in Christian fellowship and play many sports in a safe environment.
Saturday, October 20th was thedate of this year’s Retreat to Saint Basil’s Academy, Garrison, New York. Activities for the Youth included: Hiking to the waterfalls, indoor and outdoor sports, BBQ, picnic by the lake, prayer and discussion in the chapel, basketball, soccer, volleyball and many camping and outdoor games for all ages. IT WAS AN UNFORGETTABLE RETREAT!
Knowing the faith and enriching our knowledge of Christian Orthodox tradition and literature is a sacred task for every faithful adult. For this reason, a Bible Study group invites all parishioners, young singles, couples and families to participate and edify themselves on issues of Orthodox life. The weekly Bible Study meetings start on Friday, September 7th at 8 pm. The topics of father’s presentation are always very relatable and interesting. The discussion is in English and the group meets every Friday at 8 pm until Great Lent.
The feast of Saint Demetrios the Great Martyr and Patron of our Church was on Friday, October 26th. We celebrated our Patron Saint with Great Hierarchal Vespers service, HIS EMINENCE ARCHBISHOP DEMETRIOS presiding, on Thursday, October 25th at 7 pm and Orthros and Liturgy on the 26th at 9 am. Philoptochos sponsored the coffee fellowship with sweets. The feast of Saint Demetrios is a day of religious observance for all our students (excuse letters are available in the office for your Schools) and we invite our Parishioners to participate in all the sacred services.
Η πανήγυρις του Αγίου Μεγαλομάρτυρος Δημητρίου εορτάστηκε με Μεγάλο Αρχιερατικό Εσπερινό προεξάρχοντος του Σεβασμιωτάτου Αρχιεπισκόπου Αμερικής Δημητρίου, την Πέμπτη 25 Οκτωβρίου στις 7 μ.μ. και με Όρθρο και Θεία Λειτουργία την Παρασκευή 26 Οκτωβρίου στις 9 π.μ. Η Φιλόπτωχος προσέφερε γλυκά και καφέ για τους προσκυνητές του Αγίου. Η ημέρα αποτελεί δικαιολογημένη απουσία για τους μαθητές μας από όλες τις μαθητικές τους υποχρεώσεις και όλοι μας οφείλουμε να συμμετάσχουμε στις ακολουθίες εορτασμού του Πολιούχου της Κοινότητός μας.
Marriage Seminars are available for all couples who are preparing for their wedding or even for married couples who are interested to infuse more spirituality in their relationship. The Marriage Seminars are scheduled with Father Nikiforos directly. The purpose of the seminars is to discuss significant topics related to marriage, upbringing of children, decision making, family planning and other topics related to character traits that may affect one’s marriage (such as jealousy, anger, indifference, egoism, boredom, depression, substance abuse, verbal or other types of abusive behavior, spousal betrayal etc.). The seminars are offered to each couple in the form of private sessions. Don’t forget, we get a license to operate a vehicle, but very few of us actually invest the necessary time to prepare ourselves for marriage or to tackle its challenges and make the most of its blessings and beauty.
Επιμορφωτικά σεμινάρια γάμου παραδίδονται σε κάθε ζευγάρι που είτε ετοιμάζεται για το μυστήριο είτε είναι ήδη σε γάμου κοινωνία και επιθυμεί να εμπλουτίσει τις γνώσεις του για την «κατ’  οίκον εκκλησία». Παρακαλούμε να επικοινωνήσετε απ’  ευθείας με  τον πατέρα Νικηφόρο για τις συναντήσεις αυτές, που είναι κατ’  ιδίαν για κάθε ζεύγος. Το σεμινάριο αναφέρεται σε ζητήματα που αφορούν την ανατροφή παιδιών, σημαντικές αποφάσεις, οικογενειακό σχεδιασμό, αλλά και χαρακτηριστικά που απειλούν έναν γάμο όπως η ζήλεια, η οργή, η απάθεια, ο εγωισμός, η ρουτίνα, η μελαγχολική κατάπτωση, η καταχρήσεις, η βία, η καταπίεση, η συζυγική προδοσία κτλ.). Όλοι μας έχουμε ανάγκη κατάρτισης στο ζήτημα του γάμου.
The 2015 Stewardship program is the main way to keep our Church active and sustain its mission. We do need all of our faithful to contribute and participate in the Church Stewardship. Saint Demetrios needs our benevolence to grow and meet the needs of sustaining a vibrant Parish. Thanks to your generosity, this year the Church and the Church Hall floors were polished, new electrical systems were installed, major repairs took place and our grounds look better than ever. Benefits for Stewards include:
1)      Participation in Parish activities (p.e. the picnic, youth sports, Church School education, seminars, “Little Angels” Mommy-and-me program, youth trips and outings, Greek education, the Annual Church Calendar, the Journal, delivery of the Champion etc.)
2)      Eligibility to vote in General Assemblies or to be elected for Parish offices.
3)      Being part of sustaining the Church as an active contributor and not as just a recipient of the gifts of others. The Church needs all of us to continue its saving mission!
Σάς χρειαζόμαστε όλους ως υποστηρικτές του έργου της Κοινότητος. Οι δωρεές σας συντηρoύν και αναπτύσσουν τα προγράμματα της Εκκλησίας μας. Δεχόμαστε τη συνδρομή σας για το 2015, ως κύριο πόρο για την συντήρηση των δραστηριοτήτων του ναού. Παρακαλούμε όλους τους πιστούς να συνεχίχουν να στηρίζουν την Κοινότητα στην ανάπτυξη του Θεάρεστου έργου της.
Church School
The new ecclesiastical and academic year brings us again together in worship after summer vacation. Every Sunday, all families are invited to pray together and start the week with the Grace of God. Sunday, September 2nd is the first day of registration for Church School; classes begin on Sunday, September 9th with Aghiasmos. St.Demetrios Church School is comprised of talented and hard working teachers who provide our youth with religious education based on the Archdiocesan approved curriculum. Additionally, every Sunday, Father Nikiforos addresses the Youth in his sermon after the Gospel reading to instruct and to inspire the beauty of our faith. Seminars, outings and other events compliment the rich plethora of activities for our Church  School. Religious education is instrumental in child development starting at a young age and continuing to the teenage years. It is proven that young people enrolled in religious education have higher possibilities to advance in their academic and professional careers. In the words of a famous Jewish Rabbi, “Would you prefer that your child grows up to becoming a successful cheerleader/football player/basketball player (the chances for that are minimal) or knowing their faith, heritage and tradition and passing on that knowledge to your grandchildren?” In light of the fact that the average sports scholarship is no more than $500, all these hours of practice and running from game to game do not “pay off.” And from experience, the extra curriculum activities, education and Community service our Church provides are more highly regarded by Colleges than Sunday morning sports. Plus, we offer Basketball, Volleyball and Olympic Sports as part of our youth programs as well…
Greek School
Learning a foreign language is a significant tool in today’s world. Learning Greek is a gift and an honor passed on from generation to generation. For 400 years under Ottoman rule, our people did not loose their language. Currently, there are villages in Syria and Lebanon where Greeks speak fluently for hundreds of years the language of their forefathers. Greeks have also maintained culture and language in Africa, Australia, Europe and America. The mission of the Greek School is to teach the language, history, culture and ethos of our people. Every lesson starts with prayer and instructs the language of many of our Saints, the language of the Gospel, the language of heroes. Enroll your children and make it their language as well!
Το Ελληνικό Σχολείο διδάσκει την παιδεία, τη γλώσσα, την ιστορία, τα ήθη και τα έθιμα του έθνους στη νεολαία μας. Για 400 χρόνια υπό τον Τουρκικό ζυγό δεν χάσαμε ούτε ξεχάσαμε αυτά τα συστατικά του λαού μας. Φέρτε τα παιδιά στο Σχολείο μας και στον πολιτισμό μας.
The name of the organization means “Friends of the Poor.” Saint Barbara’s Philoptochos has done amazing things to support worthy causes such as the Greek Children’s Fund, the Adopt-a-Family Foundation, Pins for Pauly – Continuing the Fight Against Leukemia, Schneider’s Hospital, Cancer research and awareness, as well as individual families in need and our own Church beautification projects. The ladies of the sisterhood are baking, cleaning, decorating, feeding, fundraising, collecting clothing, distributing toys, running booths and, most significantly, inspiring all of us. Their dances and outings are also amazing as well! The Agape group welcomes young ladies, who would love to be active and volunteer for worthy causes. Philoptochos welcomes young ages of all ages.
Προσκαλούμε τις κυρίες και δεσποινίδες της ενορίας στη Φιλόπτωχο για να συμμετάσχουν στην πλούσια φιλανθρωπική της δραστηριότητα. Χάρη στις δυναμικές τους ενέργειες, πλήθος συνανθρώπων μας έχει λάβει τα αποτελέσματα της αγάπης, της προσφοράς και της πίστης. Οικογένειες σε ανέχεια, παιδιά που πάσχουν από Λευκαιμία, νέοι σε νοσοκομεία, συνταξιούχοι με ζητήματα υγείας, ερευνητικά κέντρα και άλλες κοινωφελείς προσπάθειες έχουν δεχτεί την συνδρομή της Φιλοπτώχου μας για να είναι η πίστη μας παρούσα μέσα στα έργα μας. Επίσης, η Φιλόπτωχος της Αγ. Βαρβάρας έχει συνδράμει στον καλλωπισμό του ναού μας.
Little Angels, HOPE, JOY, GOYA and YAL are the groups that welcome young Parishioners to the life of the Church. Little Angels is a Mommy-and-Me program run by talented volunteers and designed to assist with socialization, motor and communication skills for children until the age of 5. They meet on Thursdays (10 am to 12 noon) starting in September. Their activities include prayer, play time, sing-along, education in Greek, story time, snack, crafts and many great outings (such as trips to Circus, skating, petting zoos, parks, water parks etc.). HOPE and JOY welcome children until the age of 12 for talks, parties, sports and fellowship. GOYA is the group for teenagers who do amazing work in volunteering and many activities, including sports, outings, dances, charity and seminars. Inter-GOYA activities bring our youth together with hundreds of our young Greek Orthodox Christians from other Churches. YAL is the group of young adults who meet every Friday at 8 pm for Bible Study (starting in September) and assemble for other activities and charity work.
Golden Years
The Church Senior Citizens meet on the first Tuesday of every month for their lunches and fellowship. Their activities include social events, outings and pilgrimages. They also assist our Church with significant beautification projects and with charity work.
Οι ενορίτες της τρίτης ηλικίας έχουν γεύματα την πρώτη Τρίτη κάθε μήνα, που η παρέα, το τραγούδι και το γευστικό φαγητό μάς φέρνουν κοντά. Επίσης, εκδρομές και προσκυνήματα διοργανώνονται κατά τη διάρκεια του έτους. Ευχαριστούμε τα Χρυσά Χρόνια για τον καλλωπισμό του ναού μας.


For an amazing video of the Resurrectional humn, plese, click this link:

This is the translation of the video:

Arabic hymn:

Masīh qām min baīni'l-amwāt Wa wati’ al-mawt bi'l-mawt Wa wahab al-hayāt Lil-ladhīna fī'l-qubūr!

Greek hymn:

Christos anesti ek nekron, thanato thanaton patisas, ke tis en tis mnimasi zoin charisamenos.

Χριστός ανέστη εκ νεκρών, θανάτω, θάνατον πατήσας, και τοις εν τοις μνήμασιν ζωήν χαρισάμενος.

English Translation: Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death, and upon those in the tombs, bestowing life.

The song is the The Pascal Troparion and the tune is a variation on the ancient Plagal of First Tone.

Holy Week unfolded a wonderful spiritual experience in preparation of the commemoration of the Passion of the Lord and the celebration of the bright and joyful Resurrection of Christ, Easter. It is with profound contrition that we participated in the services of the Church starting Saturday of Lazarus, which prepared us for the common Resurrection, as we hear the Gospel according to Saint John narrating the events related to the friend of the Lord Lazarus. The Church School had a Lenten breakfast following the service; the sacrament of holy confession was offered to those who prepared for it. Volunteers to assisted with the weaving of the Palms for the next day.

Palm Sunday marked the glorious entrance of the Lord into Jerusalem. The Parish Council sponsored a traditional fish luncheon aftern the service. In the evenings (Palm Sunday, Holy Monday and Tuesday at 7 p.m.) the serene services of the Bridegroom inspired the faithful, who listened to the wonderful Gospel readings with their candles lit. The chanting of the hymns (especially the one of the nun Kassiane) was melodious and uplifting.

Holy Wednesday begun with a Pre-sanctified Liturgy at 6:30 a.m.  Holy Unction was administered at 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. (the latter within the context of the service of the Washing of the Disciples' feet by the Lord). Holy Thursday celebrated the Last Supper. In the evening, we had the service of the Sacred Passion (6:30 p.m.).

Good Friday included the following services: Hours (10 a.m.), Apokathelosis (3:30 p.m.), Lamentations (7:00 p.m.).

His Grace Bishop of Zelon SEVASTIANOS was presiding at the service of the Lamentations. Holy Saturday morning celebrated the descent of the Lord in Hades (9 a.m.); children and adults participated in the re-enactment of the earthquake and the shattering of Hades.

In the evening we had the service of the Holy Light of Jerusalem and the Paschal service of the Resurrection (12 midnight). The Magiritsa meal marked the end of the fasting. Easter Sunday celebrated the Agape service, during which the Gospel was read in various languages including GREEK, ENGLISH, ARABIC, FRENCH, GERMAN and LATIN; children participated in an Easter egg hunt after the service. Have a blessed and joyful Paschal season! For forty days, our greeting is Christ Is Risen! Trully He Is Risen! Χριστός Ανέστη! Αληθώς Ανέστη!


The Annual Parade at 5th Avenue was an amazing event! This year, the Parade was on Sunday, March 25th, Greek Independence Day. Two buses plus some cars transported our Parishioners to Manhattan. A float was available for the children of our Community. The chant “ΖΗΤΩ Η ΕΛΛΑΔΑ!” echoed through the streets of Manhattan as the children were waving their flags. The enthusiasm and the participation were phenomenal. Thanks are owed to all the Parish organizations and the families who donated for the float. The theme for the float this year was in line with supporting our motherland, the mother of democracy and Western civilization, Greece. Greece is NOT for sale! Our civilization is our wealth.

Watch a great Video from our Annual Parade. To watch, click the link below. Our Church groups are on the 20th minute of the video:

Πατήστε την σύνδεση από επάνω για να παρακολουθήσετε απόσπασμα της εφετινής Παρελάσεως στην 5η Λεωφόρο. Η ενορία μας παρελαύνει στο 20ο λεπτό της μαγνητοσκοπημένης σύνδεσης.

«ΕΛΛΑΣ! Η δύναμή σου πέλαγο, κι η θέλησή μου βράχος» (Διονύσιος Σολωμός). Η ετήσια Παρέλαση στην 5η Λεωφόρο είχε τεράστια επιτυχία και εφέτος, με τη συμμετοχή της νεολαίας και εκπροσώπων των Κοινοτικών οργανισμών μας. Η ημέρα της επετείου της εθνεγερσίας εορτάστηκε με Πανηγυρική Δοξολογία στην Εκκλησία και με την συμμετοχή στην παρέλαση (2 Λεωφορεία και ιδιωτικά αυτοκίνητα με ενορίτες μας έδωσαν δυναμικό παρόν). Το σύνθημα του Διονύσιου Σολωμού αντιλάλησε στα στενά του Μανχάτταν καθώς το άρμα της Κοινότητος φέτος υποστήριξε την πατρίδα μας, την κοιτίδα του Δυτικού πολιτισμού, της Δημοκρατίας και της Ελευθερίας. Ο πολιτισμός μας είναι ο πλούτος μας. Η χώρα μας δεν είναι για πούλημα!...

The Annual Parade was marked by enormous success. Our Church was represented by all Parish organizations (2 buses and several private vehicles tranpsorted our Parishioners).

The GOYA Lenten Retreat was met with great success. Fr. Nikiforos teaches the prayer of St. Ephraim the Syrian and explains its meaning.


The Volleyball teams in action. Go Merrick!


1)      The 2011 Anniversary Journal celebrating 50 Years of “History in the Making” for Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church in Merrick, New York, is printed and available to be picked up by our faithful and the Church supporters and contributors. You may take a copy of the commemorative Journal from the Church office.

2)      The Annual Calendar for 2012 is completed since last December and ready for delivery. The Saint Demetrios Calendar is a unique publication that contains all the feasts and religious holidays, the civic and national holidays as well as the fasts and significant Church events of the year. If you would like to claim your copy of the Calendar, please, come to the Church office. There is also a pdf (digital format) of the Calendar in our website:


1) Το Λεύκωμα του 2011 (Επετειακή έκδοση των 50 χρόνων της Κοινότητος) παρουσιάστηκε στο εκκλησίασμα την Κυριακή 18 Δεκεμβρίου. Όσοι πιστοί και υποστηρικτές της ενορίας μας επιθυμούν, μπορούν να παραλάβουν την επετειακή και συλλεκτική έκδοση του ετήσιου Λευκώματος από το Γραφείο της Κοινότητος.

2) Το ετήσιο Ημερολόγιο του 2012 είναι επίσης έτοιμο. Το Ημερολόγιο είναι μια μοναδική έκδοση που περιέχει τις γιορτές όλου του έτους (Ορθόδοξο εορτολόγιο και εθνικές εορτές και αργίες), μήνυμα του ιερέα μας για κάθε μήνα του έτους, τις νηστείες και τις αρτίσιμες ημέρες, καθώς και σημαντικά γεγονότα της Κοινότητος. Μπορείτε να παραλάβετε το ημερολόγιό σας από τον ιερό ναό ή από το γραφείο της Κοινότητος. Ηλεκτρονική του έκδοση υπάρχει και στην παρούσα ιστοσελίδα.



Sunday, December 4 is a day that evoked many feelings to our faithful. On that day, His Eminence Metropolitan Savas of Pittsburgh presided at the Hierarchal Divine Liturgy. All of us are overwhelmed with feelings of sorrowful gladness, to use a term from our patristic theology. Gladness emanates from the fact that we saw His Eminence Metropolitan Savas, whom we love for all that He has done for His beloved Community of Saint Demetrios in Merrick and our Archdiocese. We also feel gladness as we congratulate His Eminence with pride for His recent elevation to serve the Metropolis of Pittsburgh. His Eminence Savas will assume His new responsibility on Thursday, December 8th in Pittsburgh during the official ceremony of the reading of the Megalo Minima (Great Message) with the blessings of His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and in the presence and under the spiritual guidance of His Eminence Dimitrios, Archbishop of America. We also feel sorrow, though, knowing that last Sunday marked the departure of His Eminence Savas; we used to hear the Resurrectional hymn from Him every Easter. He never missed the feast of Saint Demetrios, or any other significant event in the life of the Parish. He was here for sacraments, for retreats, for graduations, he shared with us our joys and our sorrows. We know that spiritually and prayerfully, we will always be attached through the chalice. We will always cherish the memories and treasure the sermons of His Eminence in our hearts and minds. As we bid farewell, we hope to find opportunities in the future to meet again and always express our love for His Eminence Savas. His New York pastoral experience started in Merrick; now, it was concluded in Merrick… Always worthy, Your Eminence. Panta Axios!

Economos Nikiforos Fakinos


Η Κυριακή 4ης Δεκεμβρίου είναι ημέρα που θα επιφέρει αντιφορούμενα συναισθήματα στους πιστούς της ενορίας μας. Αυτή την Κυριακή, ο νεο-εκλεγής Μητροπολίτης Πιτσβούργου, Σεβασμιώτατος Σάββας, προηξήρχε της Αρχιερατικής Θείας Λειτουργίας. Συναισθήματα χαρμολύπης εκφέρονται από όλους μας λόγω του γεγονότος. Χαράς, διότι ήμασταν με τον Σεβασμιώτατο και λάβαμε την ευχή του, συμμετείχαμε στη μυστηριακή εμπειρία και τη λυτρωτική μετακένωση των Αχράντων Μυστηρίων και ακούσαμε το θεόπνευστο κήρυγμά του. Επίσης, με περηφάνεια συγ-χαιρόμαστε για την εκλογή του Σεβασμιωτάτου στο θώκο της υπηρεσίας της Μητροπόλεως Πιττσβούργου, που θα λάβει χώρα με την ανάγνωση του Μεγάλου Μηνύματος την Πέμπτη 8 Δεκεμβρίου, με την ευλογία του Παναγιωτάτου Οικουμενικού Πατριάρχου Βαρθολομαίου και την σεπτή παρουσία του Σεβασμιωτάτου Αρχιεπισκόπου και Ποιμενάρχου Αμερικής Δημητρίου. Αλλά συναισθήματα λύπης διατρέχουν το νου μας, καθ’ ότι γνωρίζουμε ότι θα μάς λείψει η παρουσία του και με νοσταλγία θα αναπολούμε τις αναμνήσεις της προσφοράς του στην Κοινότητα του Αγίου Δημητρίου ειδικά και στην Αρχιεπισκοπική περιφέρεια  γενικότερα. Μέσω της προσευχής και της συμμετοχής μας στα μυστήρια θα είμαστε πάντοτε σε πνευματική εγγύτητα και προσβλέπουμε να βρεθούμε και πάλι κοντά. Η πνευματική παρουσία του Σεβασμιωτάτου Σάββα στην Αρχιεπισκοπική περιφέρεια Νέας Υόρκης ξεκίνησε από το Μέρρικ, και τώρα ολοκληρώθηκε στο Μέρρικ...

Πάντα Άξιος!

Οικονόμος Νικηφόρος Φακίνος


Half a century ago, a handful of Greek immigrants met in a local diner to discuss the possibity of building a Church in the South Shore of Long Island. What followed that meeting is "history!" This year, we celebrate history, 50 years of it and, we pray, many more in the making. On Sunday, October 30, world renowned singers, composers and musicians Alkistis Protopsalti and Stefanos Korkolis performed in celebration of the 50 years of our Church history. The concert was phenomenal and we were all mooved and inspired by the music and the photographic presentation displaying the historical past of the Parish. We wish many more years of spiritual work, ministry, educational programs, charitable functions and social events for our beloved Community!


Click the link bellow to watch one of the many amazing songs of Stefanos Korkolis and Alkistis Protopsalti.

Πριν από 50 χρόνια, μία χούφτα από ονειροπόλους Έλληνες μετανάστες συναντήθηκε σε ένα τοπικό εστιατόριο για να συζητήσει την πιθανότητα να χτιστεί ιερός ναός στο νότιο τμήμα του Λογκ Άϊλαντ. Τί ακολούθησε αυτή τη συνάντηση αποτελεί μια όμορφη ιστορία, γεμάτη περιπέτειες ενός παραμυθιού, αλλά πλημμυρισμένη με αλήθειες της ζωής, χαμόγελα, δάκρυα, κόπο και αγώνα. Φέτος γιορτάζουμε τα ξεχωριστά γεννέθλια της όμορφης ενορίας μας που γίνεται 50 χρόνια νέα και δυναμική. Το όμορφο μωσαϊκό της ιστορίας της (που ακόμη γράφεται, και προσευχόμαστε θα γράφεται για πολύ) θα καλλώπισαν με το διαμάντι του ταλέντου τους δύο μοναδικές φωνές του πενταγράμμου, που συνθέτουν, τραγουδούν και εμπνέουν τους φιλόμουσους ανά τη γη. Είναι η Άλκηστις Πρωτοψάλτη και ο Στέφανος Κορκολής. Η εκδήλωση έλαβε χώρα την Κυριακή 20 Οκτωβρίου και όλοι μας συγκινηθήκαμε με τη μουσική αλλά και το φωτογραφικό υλικό από το ιστορικό παρελθόν της ενορίας μας. Να τα χιλιάσει!


His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios visited our Parish and celebrated the Divine Liturgy on Sunday, October 2nd. Our youth, our Parish Leadership and all the faithful together with Fr. Nikiforos received the blessing of His Eminence and participated in the service. His sermon was inspiring, theologically educational and memorable. Archbishop Demetrios praised the altar servers who served in the sanctuary with diligence and piety. Although there were so many of them, they were extremely quiet and attentive, as they are every Sunday. His Eminence thanked the chanters (of both the righ and the left analogion choirs), who were melodious and they chanted the hymns beautifully. He was also pleased with the prayerful attendance of so many (more than 150) young people, who together with their families participated in the service and came early in the morning to the Orthros service as well. He thanked the Parish Council for their tireless efforts and the Philoptochos for so beautifully decorating the Fellowship Hall and preparing tasty delicacies for the breakfast. We look forward for many more such opportunities and we join our chanting voices together to  pray for many years of such blessings. ΕΙΣ ΠΟΛΛΑ ΕΤΗ ΔΕΣΠΟΤΑ!

Click on the link below to watch a video of the Hierarchal Liturgy with His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios

Ο Σεβασμιώτατος Αρχιεπίσκοπος Αμερικής Δημήτριος επισκέφτηκε την Κοινότητα του Αγίου Δημητρίου την Κυριακή 2 Οκτωβρίου 2011. Η νεολαία, η ηγεσία της Κοινότητος, το χριστεπώνυμο πλήρωμα μαζί με τον ιερέα μας, τον π. Νικηφόρο, έλαβαν την ευχή του Σεβασμιωτάτου και συμμετείχαν στην Αρχιερατική Θεία Λειτουργία. Το κήρυγμά του ήταν όπως πάντοτε εμπνευσμένο και θεολογικά περιεκτικό. Η αγάπη και η παρουσία του, μάς δίνουν τιμή και χαρά. Πλήθος πιστών και νεολαίας ήταν παρόντες στη θεία λατρεία. Ο Σεβασμιώτατος ευχαρίστησε τα πολυάριθμα ιερόπαιδα που με σεβασμό και προσήλωση συμμετείχαν και υπηρέτησαν στο ιερό. Επίσης εξήρε τους ψάλτες που γέμισαν και το δεξί αλλά και το αριστερό στασίδι και έψαλλαν μελωδικότατα μέχρι να πάρει αντίδωρο και ο τελευταίος προσκηνυτής. Και ιδιαίτερη μνεία δόθηκε στα πλέον των 150 παιδιών που γέμισαν το ναό με τους γονείς και τις οικογένειές τους. Χάρηκε όταν άκουσε ότι η Εκκλησία γεμίζει κάθε Κυριακή και το Κατηχητικό αριθμεί περισσότερους από 150 μαθητές. Η Φιλόπτωχος αδερφότητα της Αγίας Βαρβάρας ετοίμασε πρόγευμα μετά τη Θεία Λειτουργία και οι πιστοί πλησίασαν τον Αρχιεπίσκοπο Δημήτριο για να τον καλωσορίζουν και να λάβουν την ευλογία του. Ευχόμαστε και προσευχόμαστε με τη σειρά μας στον Σεβασμιώτατο έτη πολλά και ευλογημένα.


The first Sunday after Labor Day weekend, our Church welcomes all Church School students and their families back from Summer recess. The students and the educators of our Church School were blessed during the service of Aghiasmos (the Blessing with Holy Water). Registration took place after the Liturgy. Immediately after the service, our Parishioners participated in our Annual Pic nic, hosted by our Parish Council at Eisenhower Park, Holly Field #5. The menu included BBQ delicacies, burgers, hot dogs, cold drinks, ice cream and fresh fruit. All acquired calories were burnt immediately after the meal with soccer, volleyball, bike and scooter riding, outdoor games and baseball. The afternoon proved to be great fun for all Parishioners and their families. When asked, children remarked that playing games on the field is much more fun that in the TV screen. We agree!


Archbishop Demetrios is always present to support the Olympics and bless the event, pictured here with our priest and the Rev. Deacon Evagoras Constantinides, Direct Archdiocesan District Youth Director.

The silver medal winners of the Saint Demetrios Girls Soccer team, pictured with coach Kostas Tsakos, parents and JOY Advisor Cynthia Pragias after an outstanding series of games. Although short a player, they managed to get to the finals (they won the semi-final game 5-1) and they missed the gold by just one goal. Barcelona should be afraid!

His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios, with Irene, Alexia and a bronze medal on Irene getting the "spotlight."

The girls Volleyball Team excecutes a well coached play in perfect form.


Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week. Hundrends of faithful came to Church and received Palm Crosses at the end of the service. The Crosses were prepared by our Church School students and volunteers. For more pictures and articles on Holy Week, please, visit the News and Updates - Father's Column.


The Annual Pins for Pauly Event was marked with tremendous success. 150 children with their families and friends gathered to help this worthy cause. Children who are currently undergoing treatment and two girls who are in remission for several years were present and inspired us with their example. For more details, please visit our Ministries column, under Pins for Pauly. The 2013 Bowlathon will take place on Saturday, May 11 at 9:30 am (Wantagh Lanes, Wantagh, NY).

More pictures from the parade, Holy Week, Pins for Pauly and other current events, in the photos column.